EzBiz: Registration of Business

Ezbiz online portal is an online service for business registration under the Registration of Business Act 1956 and is only applicable in Peninsular Malaysia and includes the Federal Territory.


How to reply/ answer query and how to download print certificate and business info ?
User must reply/ answer the query through Ezbiz Portal within 30 days from the query date
Please download Certificate and Business Information (if any) after application approve/success :Download Manual
User Manual (Download here)
EzBiz ID Activation:Download Manual
EzBiz Online TERMS AND CONDITIONS:Download Manual
Business Renewal:Download Manual
Business Registration:Download Manual
Business Registration (SPPP) :Download Manual
Business Registration & Renewal (S1O1P) :Download Manual
Business Changes:Download Manual
Business Termination:Download Manual
Video Tutorial:Click Here
What is EzBiz ?
EzBiz is an online business registration provided by SSM to allow user to do new business registration, business changes, business termination, business renewal and purchase business information.
Alternative way to "over-the-counter" transactions which is simple, quick and hassle free.
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by accessing ezbiz.ssm.com.my.
How to use EzBiz ?
Owner must be Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia.
Owner must be aged between 18 years and above.
Every owner/ partners have to register as user of Ezbiz Online (please refer EzBiz ID Activation user manual).
What are the services offered ?
New business registration:-
Personal Name
Trade Name
Change of business particulars:-
Principal business address/mailing address
Type of business
Particulars on branches
Changes of information of owner
Business renewal (renewal period prior or within 12 months after expired date).
Business termination (only for active business).
Compound Services:-
To view outstanding compound
To make an online compound payment
How much is the fees?
New business registration:
Personal Name = RM30.00 per year
Trade Name = RM60.00 per year
Change of business particulars = RM20.00
Branch(s) = RM5 per year for each branch
Business termination = No fee is required
Business renewal:
Personal Name = RM30.00 per year
Trade Name = RM60.00 per year
Branch(s) = RM5.00 per year for each branch
Business information = RM10.00
What is the mode of payment ?
Credit card and FPX (Financial Process Exchange-Online banking)
Status & Download
User will receive email notification regarding the application status. Once the registration has been approved, user may download registration form, certificate and business information (if any) through Ezbiz Online Portal.
Client Charter Ezbiz Online
Within 3 business days after application is received (New application/Query)
Contact Us
For enquiry please call +603 7721 4000 or send e-mail to enquiry@ssm.com.my